Police Beat up Colleague who Caught Them With Underage Girl

  • Image showing Kenya police officers File
  • Police Constable- Daniel Mbaluka, was left nursing injuries after he allegedly busted two of his colleagues with a 14-year-old girl in a hotel at night.

    Mr Mbaluka revealed to the Daily Nation that he had filed a suit against his colleagues and recorded his statement at Masinga Police Station on Thursday.

    The officer accused the two officers of beating him up and forcing him to sign a document that would guarantee his silence on the entire matter.

    He went on to reveal that he had been assaulted at Kanyonyo Border Patrol in Machakos County.

    Image showing Kenya police officers

    The officer reportedly caught two unidentified officers at a hotel within the area with the girl, dead in the middle of the night and demanded an explanation.

    Constable Mbaluka claimed that it was at this point that the seemingly drunk officers accosted him as well as his cousin- Benjamin Nzomo who had allegedly tipped him off on the matter.

    "They said that they would do something bad to us and left abruptly before coming back with other officers and beating us up," Mr Mbaluka's statement read in part.

    The Constable was then allegedly dragged alongside his cousin to the police camp where witnesses claim to have seen them being beaten up.

    "They carried the injured and bleeding victims to their camp and started beating them again [and forced them] to sign a document indicating they won’t pursue any case against them before they were released,” an anonymous resident revealed to the Daily Nation.

    The resident went on to claim that the officers camping in Musingi village on the Kitui County side were a menace to schoolgirls and families in the area.

    According to official reports, the class eight pupil had been reported missing for two days.

    Image showing officers outside a Kenya police station.