Kenyans React to Alleged Sim Switch-off Over Huduma Namba

  • Deputy President William Ruto during the Huduma Namba registration in Langat'a April 9, 2019 File
  • Thousands of Kenyans took to various social media platforms once news broke that Sim cards of citizens who had not registered for Huduma Namba would be switched off.

    "Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) has said that the government will switch off phone sim-cards whose owners fail to register for Huduma Namba by May 18," KTN tweeted.

    Netizens were visibly angered with someone going as far as posting the court ruling which stated that the entire process was not compulsory and that it had no deadline.

    An image showing a screenshot of Kenyan reactions

    "This whole Huduma Namba saga has a hidden agenda, whats all this noise for? I wish how they advocate for this is equally same when delivering services," stated @nimskinyua on Twitter.

    The latest move by the government has been viewed and considered illegal following the April 1, 2019 court ruling.

    "When you think you've seen it all, alafu CAK surprises you. This government is wild," stated another user named Wanjiku Gichuki.

    Some were of the opinion that the government has issued the notice as a way to scare citizens into registering for the highly publicized Huduma Namba.

    "Scare mongering now are we?" a netizen retorted. 

    Others simply went the spiritual way and stated that Huduma  Namba was the mark of the beast that had been mentioned in the book of Revelation, a theory that the government has since come out to sternly dismiss.

    President Uhuru explained that there was no connection between the project and the bible during his official launch of the Huduma Namba registration exercise on April 2, 2019.

    Huduma namba "service number" we are in the last days of the world as it was prophesied. Which service?" a Twitter user named Joseph opined.

    Here are screenshots of a  few more reactions: