IG Hillary Mutyambai Gives 3 Directives on Easter Holiday

  • Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai addresses the media after registering for the Huduma Number on 15/4/2019 The Standard
  • Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai on Thursday issued a statement urging Kenyans to be cautious over the Easter holidays. 

    Speaking in his first address to the media, Mutyambai called upon Kenyans to cooperate with police to ensure there was tranquility throughout the holiday.

    He stated that the National Police Service had taken necessary measures to ensure that all citizens remained safe. 

    Mutyambai also announced a crackdown on motorists and motorcyclists who will be caught flouting traffic rules.

    Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai registering for the Huduma Number on 15/4/2019

    “We have police officers working together with the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) officers to ensure Kenyans are safe on the roads,” the IG  warned.

    “To avoid accidents on our roads, public vehicles on our roads are required to adhere to traffic rules, avoid over speeding and overloading,” he added.

    About 100 people have lost their lives during the last three Easter holidays, caused by speeding and use of unroadworthy vehicles. 

    Statistics from both the national police and NTSA show pedestrians form the highest number of fatalities from road accidents with a number of 362 out of 983 fatalities which have been recorded so far this year. 

    The Inspector General has further called upon pastoralist communities in Laikipia and other areas to liaise with police as they move in search of pasture. 

    Following Wednesday’s terror scare at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Mutyambai reassured Kenyans that there was no cause for alarm.

    He also mentioned that the investigations on the kidnapping of two Cuban doctors in Mandera was well on course and would inform Kenyans on their findings once they were done. 

    Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai