Kakamega 'Twins' Reveal Plan of Their Upcoming Movie

  • A photo of Melon (left) and Sharon (right), the look-alikes who believe they are identical twins. Facebook
  • The two identical twins that came into the spotlight earlier this week, Melon Lutenyo and Sharon Mathias, on Friday revealed that they plan to act in a movie by the name 'Lost Twins'.

    They stated that together with Melon's sister, Meivis, they have already started writing about a movie that they were planning to act.

    Melon narrated that the movie will be based on two twins, one brought up in a rich family while the other one will come from a humble background.

    A photo of the twins, Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo, from Kakamega County.

    She added that the twin from the rich family will be a know it all while the one from the poor family will be a God-fearing person.

    In an interview conducted by Standard Digital, Melon stated that the twins will cause confusion to their parents who will think that their children have two-faced characters.

    The two came to fame on Tuesday after their story was highlighted by a local television station.

    They were born at the current Kakamega County Referral Hospital in 1999 but lived separately all their lives.

    Melon was raised in Likuyani, Kakamega County while Sharon was raised in Kangemi, Nairobi County.

    Rosemary Onyango, who has been staying with Melon believes that Sharon is also her biological daughter.

    The DNA tests will be conducted at Lancet Group of Laboratories in order for their families to find closure.

    An image of Sharon, Mevies (centre) and Melon. The might-be identical twins were reunited via Facebook after 19 years.