How Hellen Njeri Met Human Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi

  • Boniface Mwangi's wife, Hellen Njeri, has disclosed how she met the photographer-cum-activist.

    Njeri was a guest on NTV's Wicked Edition where she revealed that she fell in love with the Pawa 254 founder because he owned a motorbike.

    The show's host, Dr. Kingori, had asked her to explain the circumstances surrounding their first meeting.

    Njeri stated that she wanted to talk to Mwangi when she saw him on top of a motorbike.

    "By the way nilimuona juu ya bike, nilitaka kuongea na yeye juu alikuwa na bike (I saw him atop a motorbike, I wanted to talk to him because he had a motorbike)," she stated. 

    She, however, explained that the activist swept her off her feet when she got to know more about him.

    "After nibonge na yeye, after niget hiyo chance, hiyo ingine he just won my heart (I got the chance to speak to him and he won my heart)," Njeri added. 

    On his part, Mwangi explained that he met Njeri when he had just bought a motorbike.

    In those days, motorbikes were very few in town. As such, owning one was a symbol of prestige.

    Mwangi had parked his motorbike outside a popular eatery in town. Njeri approached him and asked for a ride.

    Here is the video courtesy of NTV: