Woman Gives Birth on Floor as Nurses Watch & Enjoy Tea

  • A video has emerged online of a woman giving birth at the reception of Shalom Community Hospital in Athi River as nurses who were on break watched. 

    The man who filmed the video had taken his wife for treatment when he noticed the bizarre incident. 

    “So as I was seated waiting for my wife to be attended to, an older woman is rushed in on a wheelchair. There are three nurses on the table taking tea, they seem not to bother about the woman despite being notified it’s an emergency case. So the woman pleads with one of them ‘haki nisaidie (please help me)’ one of the nurses told her to get up and walk,” he narrated.

    Since nobody was helping her, the man volunteered to help her access the services.

    “I helped her up with no aid from a nurse, we made about three or four steps mama akashout mtoto anaanguka (the baby is coming) then boom! Mtoto akaanguka kwa floor (The baby fell on the floor)!” he continued to explain. 

    It was at that point that he became angry and started calling for the nurses to intervene while filming what was going on.

    The video shows the man scolding the nurses on why they were unbothered yet the woman had just given birth on the floor. 

    The hospital administrator, who claimed to be away for the Easter holiday, told Nation that the woman was attended to. 

    The administrator added that they would investigate what happened after resuming work. 

    “I contacted the hospital in the morning and they told me that the patient was safe. Once I resume I will listen to both sides of the story and speak to the person who filmed the video so as to get to the bottom of the matter,” he said.

    Watch the video below courtesy of Nation.