Kenyans Perish After "The Arusha Drive 3.0" Street Race Turns Tragic

  • Several Kenyans are feared dead after a grisly accident during a street racing event near the Tanzanian border town of Namanga.

    Sources indicate that the accident occurred at Oldonyo Sambu, 25Km from Arusha town, Tanzania.

    Unconfirmed reports allege that up to eight people lost their lives on the spot.

    Photos seen by show the lifeless bodies of some of the participants lying next to the mangled wreckage of their cars.

    The Unofficial Racing competition was dubbed "The Arusha Drive 3.0" and had attracted racers from both Kenya and Tanzania.

    The event scheduled between April 19 and 21, 2019 was being advertised under the tagline "The roads will never be the same again".

    The love of thrill among some Kenyans has seen them participate in some risky on-road adventures seeking the adrenaline thrill.

    A notable event is the Murang'a Circuit Time Trial Event 2018 (Murang'a TT) underground racing event that took place in March where several accidents were witnessed.

    Sports journalist Saddique Shaban had raised alarm on the high risk posed by such stunts during the Murang'a TT: "Car enthusiasts are racing on open, public roads with standard passenger cars, thought to be fast.

    "These cars are not meant for racing and most drivers do not have special racing kits or safety harness, other than helmets and hand gloves," Saddique noted.

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