Father, Daughter Command First & Last Flight Together [VIDEO]

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  • The story of what happened after Emma Mwangi helped her father, Captain Paul Mwangi command their last flight together is heartwarming. 

    The two had to make special arrangments so that they could command the plane together on Emma's last flight, before she too transitioned from a first officer to a captain. 

    Her dream of flying planes was boosted in Form Four after she saw off her father who flew Kenya's maiden flight to Bangkok, Thailand in 2003. 

    A collage photo of Captain Emma Mwangi flying a plane

    10 years later, she too would partner on her father's only other flight to Bangkok since 2003. 

    Journalist Edith Kimani followed them on a rare cockpit interview about their dream that had now come true. 

    Her father stated that they both cultivate three types of relationships to make their jobs easier. 

    "Like now we are flying, I'm her Captain and she is my co-pilot. Then of course in the office, I become her boss because I'm in charge of flight operations and of course at home, we have the daddy-daughter relationship," stated Captain Mwangi. 

    Emma, on her part, recounts that when she started working, she would be affected by rumours that she got her job because of her father's senior position at the airline but she later learned to handle it. 

    The interview was cut short as the reporter had to allow the pilots to land the 300 passenger plane safely. 

    When the interview resumed in a hotel, Edith was exposed to the personal relationship between Emma and her father.  

    Captain Mwangi spoke about arguments he has had with his daughter about cutting people off during conversations, comically adding that she had just repeated it moments before the interview. 

    During the flight back to Nairobi, the two requested for time alone to savour the last flight together before Emma becomes a Captain.  

    Watch Captain Mwangi and his daughter Emma commanding their first & last flight together below.