Families Fight Over Compensation of Ethiopian Airlines Crash Victim

  • Two families are set to battle it out for compensation money of a lost family member who died on the ill-fated Ethiopian Airline Boeing 737 Max.

    Both the maternal family of the late Juliah Mwashi and that of her husband Henry Macharia want the money as The Star reports.

    Families of victims aboard the plane are set to receive between Ksh17 million and Ksh25 million, depending on the victim's age, profession and position in society in accordance with the Monreal Convention standards.

    Macharia’s family, which organised a memorial service in her honour last Friday, says it is unfair for their in-laws to make a claim on the compensation yet she was legally married.

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs last week asked all the victims’ families to acquire a Grant of Representation from court in order to receive the compensation. The document gives property rights of the deceased to the holder of the document. 

    The maternal family of the deceased conducted a parallel memorial service in Kakamega.

    Mr Macharia's family told the publication the conduct of the in-laws serves to punish the couple's children as they will be torn between the families while they are still mourning their mother.