Taxi Driver Behind Ksh11M ATM Theft Saga Arrested

  • Police have arrested a taxi driver who was allegedly at the center of the Ksh11 million ATM theft saga over the Easter holiday.

    According to The Star, his car a Toyota Probox was also impounded and his identity kept a secret by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) in the economic crime unit.

    Investigators told the publication that the taxi driver claimed to have been hired by four men on Saturday.

    He cited that two of the men were picked from the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) while the other two were picked at Mater Hospital.

    It is then that the suspects made away with Ksh11 million without raising any suspicion.

    According to police, a suspect is seen carrying a rucksack in the footage of the theft. The same man is seen in another video entering a Probox with two other men at KNH.

    On Wednesday, it was reported that the suspects were using medical equipment known as endoscopes, which are planted with camera's to inspect inside the human body, to gain access inside the ATMs.

    The police, however, believe that the theft that saw criminals empty an ATM at KNH and make away with millions from three others was an inside job.

    On Sunday, April 21, exposed another method in which the suspects used to hide their identity while stealing from the ATMs.

    The thieves robbed a machine at Mater Hospital, South B by smearing the CCTV camera with petroleum jelly to obstruct view.