Woman Dies During Botched Cesarean Section at St Teresa Hospital Kikuyu

  • Medics at St Teresa Hospital Kikuyu reportedly fled from the facility on Wednesday after a woman died during botched Cesarean Section (CS).

    According to NTV, the patient identified as Helen Wanjiru had been taken to hospital after she developed complications.

    In an unclear twist of events, the 9-month pregnant lady and the unborn baby died on the theater table.

    Family sources indicated that Wanjiru had been taken to the facility at 8:30 pm but was only attended to at 11pm.

    "She appeared unwell and was bleeding but the medical personnel appeared unbothered," a relative was quoted.

    The medics would later inform the family that a CS was necessary and she was taken to the labour theater.

    This was the last time that the family saw Wanjiru alive and the hospital allegedly kept them in the dark regarding her state and the progress of the surgery.

    It is only after a family member, who is a nurse at a Kiambu hospital, traveled to the facility and forced her way into the theater that it emerged that the woman was dead.

    The circumstances saw the family and friends to riot at St Teresa Hospital Kikuyu bringing operations at a standstill.

    When police arrived to calm the situation, the doctor and nurses involved in the botched surgery fled the facility.

    The hospital records on the incident were reportedly also missing which saw a planned autopsy postponed.

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