Njonjo's Habits That Yvonne Okwara Wants Ruto to Follow [VIDEO]

  • Left to right: Former Attorney General Charles Njonjo, Citizen TV anchor Yvonne Okwara and Deputy President William Ruto. Twitter
  • No Kenyan is fed up with politicians' newfound habit of donating millions in churches like Citizen TV journalist Yvonne Okwara.

    During the News Gang show that aired on Thursday night, the firm journalist offered pieces of advice to politicians like Deputy President William Ruto and his ilk to emulate former Attorney General Charles Njonjo's church habits.

    According to Okwara, Njonjo is the epitome of the respectful church faithful as he is often not under any pressure to impress anyone and that he always consults the church leaders in private.

    "Listen, and I know Deputy President fired a tweet right after Archbishop Sapit (Jackson) made his statement... We are not talking about banning politicians from church, we are talking about banning politics.

    "I want to give an anecdote because I know the person involved in this. Njonjo, the former attorney general, for years, has been going to the all saints cathedral, for their evening service. He doesn't sit at the front, he sits at the back. He sits quietly, he prays, he worships, he leaves. If he has anything to say, he speaks with the vicar very privately," stated the anchor.

    William Ruto reading the Bible during a past service at Kipsebwo Catholic Church.

    He further condemned the leaders who make the donations in churches and proceed to brag about them explaining that the Christian faith is opposed against the practice.

    "There is a problem, if you take a look at the Christian faith, that you are giving and you are making a big deal of it. Even in the bible, it says you have already received your reward here on earth," he continued.

    Ruto had earlier come under fire after he tweeted that politicians go to church and kneel before God and not fellow men which was seen as a response after Sapit had earlier asked all Anglican pastors not to accept offerings from politicians.

    Later on, in the same show, Okwara also condemned former Prime Minister Raila Odinga for what she termed as dishonesty. 

    Yvonne made reference to Raila's trip to China; accompanying President Uhuru Kenyatta who is seeking a Ksh368 billion loan for the extension of the SGR from Naivasha to Kisumu. 

    She reminded Kenyans of how Odinga himself had blasted the government over the country's ballooning debt.