Governor Hassan Joho’s Barber Who Earned Ksh10,000 for Shaving Him [VIDEO]

  • Mombasa county governor Hassan Joho Twitter
  • Mombasa county governor Hassan Joho is arguably one of the most stylish and sharply dressed politicians, with a trademark beard that hardly goes unnoticed.

    Speaking to Radio Citizen presenter Mzazi M Tuva on Mseto East Africa show on Thursday, the man behind Joho’s sharp haircut opened up on just how much the flamboyant governor pays for his services.

    According to the barber, George Dufanda, who is a Congolese national, the governor usually pays him well, noting that the highest he has ever received from him was Ksh 10,000 which he got paid in US dollars.

    Dufanda disclosed that whenever Joho requires a shave, his assistants usually contact him and he goes to his Nairobi house where he does his ‘magic’.

    George Dufanda and Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho

    He, however, revealed that he has never been asked to travel to Mombasa and that the governor has never visited his barber shop either.

    Dufanda added that they rarely engage in conversations when he is giving him a haircut since Joho is usually on his phone going through his social media pages.

    ''The much he's paid me is Ksh 10,000. He is a good guy, we usually talk when we are in a group but when it is the two of us I just shave him as he checks his phone,'' Dufanda stated. 

    He also mentioned that he normally discusses with the governor on which hairstyles to shave and sometimes suggests which ones best suits him.

    On the other hand, Eric One Wash, another barber who also shaves Joho, praised the governor for his great advice and encouragements.

    'He is a good person, when we finish shaving him, he usually advises us and tells us to keep working hard because we will succeed one day,'' Eric commented.

    The two barbers have made a name for themselves in the city for their outstanding shaving skills and have offered their services to top celebrities like Burna Boy, Rue Baby, Juma Jux, Ommy Dimpoz, Timeless noel, Nandy, Masterpiece among others.