Reason Cliff Ombeta Represents Suspects in Extreme Murder Cases

  • Lawyer Cliff Ombeta briefing the media Facebook
  • Criminal lawyer Cliff Ombeta has in the past been in the limelight due to the kind of cases he prefers to litigate, those involving high-profile murder cases. 

    Speaking to, he highlighted that he handles these matters because he is brave and not afraid of the system, which his clients recognise.

    "I have been threatened for more than 15 years so that is water under the bridge, nobody has ever carried out their threats, so I'm not afraid of the system and the authority. I always have my facts right," the lawyer indicated.

    Cliff Ombeta consulting with his client, Jowie Irungu

    The lawyer also stated that when a client contacts him, he asks them for an accurate and honest account of the story and takes it as his truth.

    "Whatever the client says as his story, you have to start believing it, because that is his story and your duty is not to judge what he tells you but to help him," he stated.

    He added that he has his own sentiments, feelings and opinions about the cases but does not allow them to cloud his judgment.

    Ombeta narrated that it is the job of a lawyer to present a case the way a client wants it presented but it is the job of the court to make a judgment.

    He also revealed that he avoids cases that touch on defilement because he finds them touchy.

    "I do murder, drug, robbery and fraud cases," he stated.

    Ombeta is representing Joseph Irungu, a suspect in Monica Kimani's murder, Migori Governor Okoth Obado in Sharon Otieno's murder case, Judy Wangui in Mary Wambui Kori's murder, Assa Nyakundi in his son's murder among others.

    Cliff Ombeta holds Migori governor Okoth Obado's hand