Nairobi's Top Narco Trafficker Arrested in Sting Operation

  • A suspect regarded as one of the major bhang suppliers in Nairobi and Kiambu counties was on Friday arrested following a clandestine operation carried out by police officers in Githurai 44 estate on Friday afternoon.

    The baron identified as Simon Kariuki Wangeci (street name; Tony) was allegedly caught pants down as the officers walked in on him while he was stacking roles of weed into gunny bags alongside two of his henchmen.

    Kasarani Sub-County Police Commander (SCPC) Peter Kimani and his DCI counterpart, Mwenda Meme, spearheaded the operation in what was reportedly a joint-force operation.

    Bhang worth an estimated street value of Ksh10 million was confiscated during the raid, with police revealing that they had recovered an undisclosed amount of cash at the premises as well.

    “We have managed to arrest the main suspect and confiscate a huge amount of bhang at the house,” commander Kimani disclosed.

    Reports revealed that 'Tony' was ranked among the top-most marijuana suppliers across the counties with his highly organized network rumoured to traverse both Nairobi and Kiambu in their entirety.

    In a similar incident back in February, police arrested two suspects during a raid in Kahawa Sukari estate after they were busted offloading bhang estimated to be worth Ksh4.5 million.

    The huge consignment of marijuana was reportedly transported to the premises in a petrol tanker which was impounded following the operation as well.

    Mr Kariuki's arrest follows a list of police drug busts across the country that has led to the confiscation of tonnes of contrabands.