"Rafiki" Filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu's Remarks Irk Kenyans

  • "Rafiki" filmmaker Wanuri Kahiu on Monday crossed paths with netizens after a video emerged showing her castigating Kenyans.

    In the video, Wanuri in a dazzling African outfit addresses the packed auditorium on a variety of issues including joy, radiance, and curiosity.

    However, it is her words at the clip's 26th minute that appeared to rub Kenyans the wrong way.

    Wanuri appeared to blame Kenyans over her film's failure in Kenya after the ban by the Kenya Films and Classification Board (KFCB).

    Quoting the filmmaker, verbatim, "My friend George Gachara said audiences deserve the movies that they watch. So, while the KFCB were the reason my film was banned, the audience is the reason that it doesn't play in Kenya because people aren't advocating for it".

    The remarks did not sit well with a section of her fans who noted that they have remained supportive of Wanuri especially after the authorities banned "Rafiki" from airing on local media and theaters owing to the lesbian theme.

    "The only way we can do that is if you support us. I am suing my government so that you can view the film. Do your part... do your part," Wanuri added.

    "What did she want us to do further? Take it to the streets? Beat up Ezekiel Mutua? Threaten the judge and have the ban lifted for longer or forever? Man, she should stop fronting. She cared about us watching Rafiki when it became an Oscar consideration with the rule that it has to be watched in Kenya for at least 7 days," one MonyqueXO posed.

    On his part, one Michael Koyagah stated "After Wanuri ameokota change yenu sasa ameenda kuwasema kwa wasungu. Maskini nyinyi (After Wanuri gathered your monies, now she is reporting you to whites. Poor guys)".

    "She was right until she blamed Kenyans for the ban on the film... I mean... Kenyans went to the cinemas to watch her film..the epitome of support needed..or were we supposed to hold demos too?" one netizen indicated.

    "Those trying to spin and defend her, Wanuri was very clear but you people are still trying to spin... Don't be that stupid," another tweep opined.

    "Wanuri should thank Kenyans for making that movie popular. More people watched it because of the bank. LGBTQ issues might be popular in her circles but it's not the most popular issue in Kenya to warrant a craze for such a film. Just say, THANK YOU!!," Robert Alai ‏added.

    "Kumbe this Rafiki movie should have been banned for good, such a reckless statements from Wanuri," one Kiptoo Emmanuel remarked.

    Others like @Archie faulted her fans "Wanuri sio Rafiki ya mtu. Na vile mlikuwa mnampigia debe iyo movie yake (Wanuri is nobody's friend. You were the greatest champions of her film)".

    "Why would Wanuri say we didn't advocate for Rafiki? What do you call what we did here then?" Ken Omoro posed.