Netflix Swahili Subtitles Leave Netizens Rolling in Laughter

American media-services provider, Netflix's latest addition of Swahili subtitles to appeal to their East African market hasn't gone according to plan.

Kenyans who got wind of the feature decided to try it out, only to realize that none of the translations were accurate.

Some of the translations were simply ridiculous as netizens took it upon themselves to point out the errors roasting the famous media service provider and movie streaming firm.

“My goodness! Swahili subtitles on Netflix are hilarious! Your highness-urefu wako. Did Uganda do this?” Serah tweeted.

Others simply urged Netflix to get rid of the subtitles altogether until they were able to get accurate ones.

"Hey please switch off your horrible Swahili subtitles. Bye guys-Kwaheri wanaume, Are you crazy? Bad bad bad translations are worse than no translation," Betty tweeted.

However, some netizens took the translations as a source of entertainment and pointed out that the company was just delivering on its promise of keeping its subscribers entertained.

"These Netflix Swahili subtitles are just fine. At the end of the day, Netflix is an entertainment content provider. And those subtitles are hella entertaining," Kenan tweeted.

There were also those who saw the huge blunder on Netflix's end as an opportunity to solicit for jobs as translators.

“Hire me, I can do a better job on your Swahili subtitles than your current team,” Thinguri remarked in a tweet.

Here are a few more tweets regarding Netflix's latest hilarious Swahili translations: