Mysterious Attacker Leaves Woman in ICU Before Wedding

  • 25-year-old Faith Mbeyu was headed home on the night of March 25, 2019 in Banana, Kiambu County, when she was attacked by a mysterious person.

    Mbeyu had just graduated with her first degree at Karatina University and was set to get married in four months to the love of her life when the incident happened, as narrated by The Standard.

    “Whoever attacked her hit the right side of her head with a heavy blunt object. It looks like she fell after the first blow,” Nelly Kamau, Mbeyu's aunt stated.

    The family stated that it was still unclear who attacked her adding that the suspect did not steal from her.

    “They just emptied the contents of her bag, which we found next to her. Everything, including her phone, was there,” the aunt continued.

    Boniface Kinini, her fiancé, narrated that all she does now is weep. She is unable to speak, eat or do anything on her own.

    Kinini told The Standard that Ms Mbeyu was attacked just 200m from her aunt's gate where she had lived since her High school days.

    People who were passing by found her lying in a pool of blood and rushed her to a nearby dispensary where nurses tried to administer painkillers so that she would stop bleeding.

    However, her injuries were so severe that she could only be moved to a Bellevue South hospital in an ambulance, where she was put on a life support machine on arrival.

    “They spent Tuesday giving her blood to prepare her for surgery, which was conducted for six hours on Tuesday night,” Kinini recounts.

    Mbeyu has been nearly used Ksh 45 million after spending 40 days in the Intensive Care Unit.