CJ Maraga Jumps to Boychild's Defence Over Sexual Offences

  • Chief Justice David Maraga listening to a case at the Supreme Court File
  • Chief Justice David Maraga has lamented on the rising number of boy child offenders who get sentenced to jail for teenage sexual offences.

    The CJ, while speaking during the launch of a two-day peer learning seminar on gender-based violence, criticised the criminal justice system for being biased against the boy child at a time when gender-based violence cases are rampant.

    He pinpointed that this issue had been worsened by gaps in the justice system and that the bill to legalize teenage sex was handled pathetically in Parliament.

    Chief Justice David Maraga speaking to the press at Milimani Law Courts February 1, 2019

    "There's an obvious injustice of filling up the jails with teenage offenders who get intimate with fellow teenagers as they experiment in their adolescence," Maraga cried.

    He recalled how two years ago, an attempt by the Federation of Women Lawyers (Fida) to address the issue by presenting a memorandum on the bill to parliament was thwarted by the legislators.

    The bill proposed an amendment on the Sexual Offences Act.

    "The proposal's intention was to elaborate principles of law and to integrate values and principals as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya 2010. Fida had noted the problematic Section Eight of the Sexual Offences Act, which criminalises sex among teenagers and had proposed that the section be amended along the Romeo and Juliet right so as to reduce the number of teenage boys going to jail," he argued.

    "This needs to be seriously considered. I have no problem when the perpetrator is aged, but my problem arises when it comes to boys and girls between 17-20 years," the CJ added.

    Maraga furthermore heaped praise on the Court of Appeal for being an exemplar of defending the boychild.

    "Luckily, our courts are responding well, for example when the Court of Appeal held that it is unconstitutional to criminalise sexual acts among teenagers," he noted.

    The Supreme Court of Kenya headed by Chief Justice David Maraga