Kabogo Worries Kenyans as He Rides on Motorcycle [VIDEO]

  • Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo riding a motorcycle on Sep 22, 2014. The Standard
  • Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo, on Friday, posted a video showing that he was ready for Friday and the weekend in general.

    In the clip which he captioned "TGIF starts with a ride," the ex-county head is seen riding a motorcycle in a casual manner.

    TGIF is an acronym for "Thank God It's Friday" a phrase used to express the joy one feels in knowing that the work week has officially ended and that they have two days off in which to enjoy. 

    Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo riding a motorcycle on Sep 22, 2014.

    Observant Kenyans online, however, expressed their concern with the politician's safety.

    One user stated, "Observe safety mhesh, safety and health doesn’t know one’s status in the society."

    "Always remember to wear your safety gears," another advised.

    "Bike rides are thrilling. Don't get excited to forget the riding safety gear. Especially when you are aware of the safety precaution," one Kenyan added.

    One netizen was of a contrary opinion noting that Kabogo was a seasoned biker and he was only taking it for a test drive.

    "Something tells me you were just test-driving that beast, just to appreciate her. I have seen your collection and it's impressive, usually, you are in a full kit when you ride," the user noted.

    Kabogo is known to own a number of state of the art automobiles and a helicopter which he used while moving around the vast county during his tenure as governor.

    In 2018, he treated Kiambu locals to a spectacle as he showed up at a local joint with a sports bike worth around Ksh2 Million.

    Here is the video: