Uncertainty After Goverment Announces Plans to Close All Children's Homes 

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  • About 40,000 to 45,000 children in homes, shelters, and orphanages are facing uncertainty after the government announced plans to shut down all children's homes in the country.

    According to Labour Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani who spoke to the Star on Wednesday, the closure is part of the government's social protection reforms.

    “Caring for children is not just about giving them food, shelter, clothing, and all the other needs. Kids in children’s homes do not enjoy the warmth of a father and or a mother figure so their needs are not fully met,” Yattani explained.

    The CS asserted that efforts will be made to trace parents and relatives of children staying in homes, shelters or orphanages. 

    Labour Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani addressing the media at a past event

    He stated that the children will be reintegrated with their families while those whose families will not be traced or who will get rejected by family members will be put in foster care.

    He, however, noted that rescue centres will remain open to care for children in emergencies.

    The CS also challenged men to take responsibility for their families and children.

    “We never used to live like this centuries ago. We need to get back there because families are the fabric holding a sustainable society in place,” he stated.

    Yatani further disclosed that a family policy was in the pipeline.

    Reports indicate that the objective of the policy, is to enhance families’ capacity to establish social interactions promoting a sense of community cohesion and national solidarity. 

    File photo of children during a lesson at one of the children's homes in Kenya.