S.K Macharia Recounts His Days as a Sweeper

  • Royal Media Services (RMS) Chairman S.K. Macharia on Saturday disclosed that he was once a sweeper. 

    He was speaking during a prize-giving ceremony at Kahuhia Girls High School where he opened up about his past.

    Macharia explained that, while living in the US, he took up a job as a sweeper at American plane manufacturer Boeing so as to get money for his school fees.

    "When I was in the US, I worked at night and went to school during the day. Do you know a company called Boeing that makes big planes in Seattle? I swept their floors for eight years," he narrated. 

    He went on to explain that his story should be an inspiration to anyone that they are capable of achieving anything they put their minds to.

    "I paid my school fees by working at night and going to school during the day, so there's nothing that you can not achieve.

    "You don't have to be assisted by anybody but if you get assistance, it's just a small push. It's all about what you are doing for yourself that will make you a person and you will be proud of yourself," he added.

    He also urged the students to work hard and not to fear anything explaining that he did not pass excel in high school.

    Apart from being the founder of Royal Media Services (RMS), Macharia has interests in different fields including real estate and hospitality.

    Here is the video courtesy of Citizen TV: