DPP Haji Cracks Whip After Uhuru, Raila Mention in Gold Saga

  • Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji on Saturday evening issued a statement regarding the ongoing investigation where a member of the United Arab Emirates royal family was defrauded in a gold scam. 

    Haji stated that his attention had been drawn to a leaked audio clip between two speakers, one who claimed that certain information had been relayed to President Uhuru Kenyatta, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Interior CS Fred Matiang'i, to facilitate the release of a confiscated consignment of gold. 

    "Such claims and their circulation through social media and specifically, leaked phone recording in today's age of real-time borderless publishing are alarmist and may needlessly cause disaffection. 

    "Until all facts are obtained and analysed, it is irresponsible and possibly unlawful to publish such material to the public," read part of the statement.

    Haji disclosed that he had received a complaint and representation from victims of the scam claiming that the suspect has been dealing with them and invoking the president's name in their conversations.

    Having realised that they were conned, the victims resolved to cooperate with the investigating authorities in unearthing the fraud. 

    "As part of my constitutional mandate, I have directed the Inspector General of Police to expedite the ongoing investigation into the gold scams and forward the resultant investigation file(s) to me within seven days, the report from which the appropriate action will be taken," continued the statement from Haji. 

    He urged all citizens who may have information on the criminal activities of the syndicate, to take advantage of confidential mechanisms of reporting share the information with law enforcement agencies. 

    Flamboyant politician Zaheer Jhanda, who was reported to be at the center of the sour business deal with the dubai royal family, spoke to NTV defending his involvement.

    He claimed that he was a first time investor in the gold business and as such, if the deal went sideways, he would also be a victim. 

    “I don't know how a genuine gold and a fake one looks like. This is my first time coming into this business where I’m an investor. I put money and I’m expecting the genuine gold to come from Congo so we can take it to Dubai and do business,” he explained.