Family Clashes Over Mzee Moi's Ksh1B Compensation Order

  • Some of the members of a family set to receive a Ksh1B compensation from former President Daniel Moi are set to appeal claiming that he acquired the land legally.

    On May 16, the former president was to pay the money to the family of Noah Chelugui for a 53-acre prime land after his wife, Susan, and son, David Chelugui, filed a suit in the court of law in 2014.

    In a sit-down with The Standard, the family members revealed that they are set to appeal the ruling on behalf of Moi explaining that he acquired it legally in 1978 from Mr Chelugui himself.

    “As a family, we know Moi paid Ksh220,000 to the late Chelugui even before he became President. He later added another Ksh20,000 before giving him a Mercedes Benz and a bus known in the 1980s as Sugoi Express,” stated one of the family members.

    They further argued that they had evidence to absolve the former president.

    The family members, however, refused to be mentioned since they were set to testify in the same case later on.

    They further argued that the former head of state gifted Chelugui, who is deceased, 50 acres at the Sugoi Scheme in Uasin Gishu together with Ksh240,000 and motor vehicles, in exchange for the 53 acres.

    “Our culture prohibits lies and we want to stand with the truth. We don’t want curses to follow our generation. We have a strong feeling that the ruling was part of a scheme to taint the image of the retired president and that’s why we are ready to say the truth,” continued the spokesperson.

    William Arusei, the lawyer representing Chelugui's widow and son, however, disclosed that he was ready to argue out in the court of appeal.

    Chelugui was a powerful chief in the administrations of former presidents Jomo Kenyatta and Moi.