How Uhuru & Ruto Broke Protocol During Inauguration

  • Uhuru Kenyatta [front centre] takes the oath during his inauguration Kasarani Stadium April 9, 2013 File
  • President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto's historic election victory in March 2013 and subsequent inauguration on April 9, 2013, involved one particular incident that was a total violation of protocol. 

    Despite being televised to millions of Kenyans, most did not notice the incoming president and his deputy breaking the law right at the dais as they were handed the instruments of power.

    A simple request by a church minister to have Uhuru and Ruto kneel for prayer during the ceremony at Kasarani threw the entire organization committee into turmoil.

    Deputy President William Ruto's during the swearing in Ceremony at Kasarani April 9, 2013

    The military protocol clearly states that an officer of senior rank cannot go down on their knees when junior officers are around and upstanding. 

    This presented a serious dilemma, if the priest would end up having his way, the Commander-in-chief would be kneeling right in front of junior officers participating in the inaugural parade.

    The president elect's organizing committee sat at the VIP section with baited breathe hoping the church minister would adhere to the officials' protocols which prohibited Uhuru from kneeling in front of his juniors.

    It was all going according to plan right up until the minister took the stage and asked that Uhuru, Ruto and their respective wives join him on the dais.

    Despite chief protocol officers having implicitly ordered that under no circumstance were the two senior most officers in the stadium going to be asked to kneel, Uhuru and Ruto had conveyed secret instructions to the priests, pleading that he prays for them while on their knees.

    Plush pillows were laid on the ground and the first and second family went down on their knees for a special word of prayer on their big day.

    Very few people noticed the angry and sharp glances being exchanged between the military brass and the protocol teams from the moment Uhuru's knees touched the ground.

    Here's  the video of the two leaders breaking protocol: