Ruto's Business Making Huge Losses Due to Govt Deal

Deputy President William Ruto has complained that the poultry deal signed between Kenya and Uganda is making losses for him. 

A Kenyan named Andrew texted Kameme FM during Ruto's interview to protest that the high number of cheap eggs from Uganda was causing a detrimental effect on his business and the DP responded that they shared the same problem. 

"What Andrew is saying is true and I'm not only hearing it from him. I am a poultry farmer and I understand what he's saying. I have also made losses because the eggs coming from Uganda are way cheaper than those produced in Kenya," Ruto empathised.

"I have talked to CS Kiunjuri (Agriculture) not as the DP but as a farmer, telling him that he must find a way to safeguard Kenyan farmers from the negative effects of the deal," he added.

DP Ruto explained that the cost of production in Kenya is expensive due to the high cost of chicken feeds, thus increasing the price of the eggs.  

He stated that chicken's main food is maize and a bag of it costs Ksh 900 in Uganda compared to Ksh 2,500 in Kenya. 

Ruto emphasised the importance of finding a balance between free trade in East Africa and protecting Kenya's agricultural entrepreneurs from being driven out of the market. 

The poultry import deal that was signed with Uganda received backlash not only from farmers but leaders as well. 

Gatundu MP Moses Kuria criticised President Kenyatta claiming the deal favoured the neighbouring country over Kenya. 

"President Museveni was recently in the country and we signed some deals with him. However, these deals only favour Uganda and it needs to be reviewed.

"If the protocol states that we should import sugar, hens, and maize from Uganda then it will undermine Kenyan farmers," Kuria explained.