How Police Trapped 4 Most Wanted City Criminals During Raid

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  • Details have emerged about how police officers laid a trap that nabbed some of the most feared criminals in the city of Kisumu.

    According to a report by The Star, the officers in Kisumu effectively organised a raid that nabbed more than 20 people and captured the four that were most wanted.

    The raids happened in two batches in the areas of Nyalenda and Kondele and managed to get hold of the four who are reportedly behind the county's rising cases of robberies and rape of women.

    Confirming the incident, the County's Commander Benson Maweu revealed that the four were being held up at Kisumu Central Police Station.

    He further disclosed that they were undergoing intense interrogations and would soon be arraigned in court.

    An ariel view of Kisumu City.

    "The suspects are believed to be part of those raping women in the wee hours and early in the morning in Nyalenda," he continued.

    The suspects who were arrested were found with bhang, some illicit brews and had also been taking part in robbery incidences.

    This comes roughly a month after Nairobi police nabbed on Friday when they raided Simon Kariuki Wangeci alias Tony home in Githurai 44.

    Surprisingly, Kariuki told detectives that he had been tipped off over the planned operation in his palatial home.

    Speaking to the media at the time, Kasarani DCIO Mwenda Meme disclosed that the dealer had received intel of the raid by the sleuths.

    Police conducted the raid two days earlier than the date the drug dealer expected the police to disrupt his business which he had been running for the past ten years.

    Police arrest Simon Kariuki, alias Tony (in handcuffs), at Githurai 44 in Nairobi on 26/4/2019.