Man Tortured and Left For Dead at Globe Cinema Roundabout

  • Image showing a section of the Globe Cinema roundabout File
  • 26-year-old, James Kilonzo, escaped death by a whisker after his seemingly lifeless body was discovered at the Globe Cinema roundabout, Nairobi.

    Kilonzo's mutilated body was found lying next to that of his close friend, Peter Kahugi Maina, who wasn't as lucky and was declared dead.

    Police on patrol were alerted to the presence of the two lifeless bodies which appeared to have been dumped there in the wee hours of Sunday morning, as the officers who had canvassed the area during an earlier shift hadn't reported any anomalies.

    Police patrol vehicle pictured within the Globe Cinema area, Nairobi

    However, upon further inspection, the police soon realized that Kilonzo was alive as he started mumbling incoherent words in a state of confusion once he saw the body of his friend lying right next to him.

    Preliminary reports revealed that the two were most likely drugged prior to being subjected to the torturous ordeal, while the deceased appeared to have been choked as well as hit with a blunt object in the head and body severally.

    Nairobi police boss, Philip Ndolo, disclosed to the Standard that Kilonzo's official statement narrated how the two were having a good time at a popular club in Nairobi's Westlands area, before they were kidnapped and driven to an unknown location where they were tortured to within an inch of their lives before being dumped at the busy roundabout and left for dead.

    The police boss also stated that Kilonzo was found with blood all over his clothes and body, as well as visible signs of torture.

    “He said their attackers thought both of them were dead before they were dumped there. We are still talking to him for more information that will help in the investigations,” Ndolo asserted.

    Staff working the club from where the two victims were abducted were questioned, as the police set out to piece together evidence ultimately focused on identifying the perpetrators.

    Nairobi County Police Commander, Philip Ndolo