eCitizen: Contact Details and Services

  • Kenya’s eCitizen portal is changing the way the Government of Kenya delivers services to its citizens.

    The portal was launched in 2014 by the ICT Authority of Kenya and gives citizens access to essential services without having to visit a government office.

    Kenyan citizens can create an account using their ID card number, and the form is populated using data from the Integrated Population Registration Service.

    This is information collected when one applies for government-issued documents, such as the national ID card and the Kenya Revenue Authority PIN certificate.

    The biggest beneficiary in this move is the Government of Kenya.In 2015, the Government collected 2.3 billion shillings in payments for services rendered through the portal.This is from the 1.2 million citizens registered on the portal.

    The payments are channeled directly to the Government, removing the need for middlemen and ‘paper-pushers’ who would often demand an extra payment to expedite applications.

    Ordinary citizens also benefit from the service, as it makes previously opaque Government services, such as booking a driving test and applying for a birth certificate much easier and more transparent.

    Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies can check and verify whether the information and identification documents given to them by their clients are legitimate.

    The system also eliminates the need for visits to multiple government offices, saving man-hours that would have been wasted on queues and filling out paperwork.

    Once registered, one can use the portal to access key services.

    These include booking a driver’s test with the National Transport Safety Authority, applying for a passport from the Immigration Department, and searching for a title deed at the Ministry of Lands.

    One can also apply to get married or enter a civil partnership through the Attorney General’s Office or get a birth and death certificate through the Civil Registration Department.

    Visitors from other countries can apply for visas through the eVisa portal, and business owners can apply and pay for their licenses on the eBusiness portal.

    Upon application for any of these services, the user can pay using mobile money, debit cards or at an eCitizen agent.

    Here is a list of services that eCitizen offers:

    1. Business Name Registration 

    2. Notice of Marriage Interim 

    3. Driving License 

    4. Solemnization of marriage 

    5. Provisional Driving License 

    6. Issuance of a registrar’s certificate 

    7. Driving Test Booking 

    8. Commissioning of affidavits 

    9. Business Name Search 

    10. Driving Class Endorsement 

    11. Special licenses for marriage 

    12. Land Rent Clearance Certificate 

    13. Driving License Information Corrections 

    14. Application for Passport and Application for Kenyan Visa 

    15. Driving License Renewal (1 Year) 

    16. Official Search (Nairobi Blocks) 

    17. Duplicate Driving License 

    eCitizen contacts

    Whenever you want to access any of the services listed above, go ahead and use the appropriate contacts highlighted below :

    eCitizen phone contacts

    Mobile number: +254 709 480 000 


    Immigration eCitizen contacts 

    Nairobi Office: +254 772 246 669 

    Mombasa Office: +254 708 206 206 

    eCitizen queries contacts 

    Mobile number: +254 780 206 206

    eCitizen business registration contacts 

    Mobile number: +254 709 480 000 

    eVisa Queries contacts 

    Mobile number: +254 709 480 000 

    NTSA eCitizen contacts 

    Mobile number: +254 709 480 000