Matatu Driver Demands Justice After Police Officer Castrated Him

  • Ernest Nyamoti, a 43-year old former matatu driver whose testicles were smashed in a brutal assault by a traffic police officer six years ago, and caused them to be removed now wants justice after the officer was acquited on Friday.

    According to Nyamoti, even though he found his day in court, he cannot understand how the Magistrate found no fault against the officer.

    “Where is justice in this country? What more evidence would the magistrate want? I’m alive and the doctors testified in my favour, explaining that my testicles were smashed and later removed?

    “I no longer have sexual feelings and I have no chance of fathering a child,” a distraught Nyamoti retorted noting that he spent Ksh1.4million on treatment.

    Traffic officer Jama Hussein was prosecuted for assaulting Nyamoti on July 26, 2013.

     According to the officer, the driver defied a lawful order to stop for overlapping and picking passengers in an undesignated place. He denied assaulting the matatu driver.

    However, Nyamoti recalled to the Star how  Hussein first slapped him on the face before repeatedly kicking his private parts. “I fell down and he continued kicking and even stepped on my scrotum,” the father of three revealed.

     Superintendent Hycine Olaba, a clinical officer at Nairobi Remand Prison, who was also a witness in court stated that she referred him to Kenyatta National Hospital for specialised treatment after examining him at first instance.
     She discovered that the scrotum was swollen and bruised and he was passing blood-stained urine. 

     Another witness, Dr Kiongi Mwaura, told the court that he first treated Nyamoti on August 2, 2013, for testicular pain, swollen scrotum, and abdominal pain. 

    He recommended the removal of one of the testicles after he realised it was damaged, with no blood supply. The second testicle was later removed at Kikuyu Mission Hospital. 

    The Independent Policing Oversight Authority (Ipoa) spokesperson Dennis Oketch disclosed that the authority was aware of the case and it would explore means of appealing the judgment.