KTN Presenter Opens Up on Being a Thief

  • Comedian Sande Bush, alias Dr. Ofweneke, recently opened up about his dark past as a thief. 

    During an interview with Sunday Standard, Ofweneke, who hosts Thursday Night Live on KTN, revealed that he had questionable behaviour in his teenage years.

    He explained that he led his friends astray by convincing them to accompany him to steal.

    Comedian Sande Bush alias Dr. Ofweneke

    "I'm not going to lie that I was influenced by bad company. I was the bad company parents cautioned their children about. 

    "I would tell other teens that tonight, we would be going to Florida Nightclub to steal mobile phones and shoes to sell. And that would happen," he asserted. 

    Ofweneke also spoke about his three suicide attempts.

    On one occasion, he jumped in front of a moving truck along Malava-Webuye road, but it swerved and missed him.

    He also tried hanging himself inside a hut but the pole broke.

    The comic also disclosed that he swallowed pills during his third attempt to end his life but his efforts were futile as he ended up vomiting.

    Dr. Ofweneke poses for a photo during the recording of Thursday Night Live