32-Year-Old Billionaire Shows Off Fleet of Luxury Cars [VIDEO]

  • Darshan Chandaria, the group CEO of Chandaria Industries, is a self-confessed car lover who loves collecting them. 

    During an interview with Viu Sasa, he stated that most of the time his parking lot looks like a showroom. 

    " I have cars from any major brand, you name it," he stated. At the time of the visit, only six of his luxury cars were at the house.

    Darshan's favourite car is a limited edition grey Porsche Carrera 4S, that he had to wait two years to get. 

    It is built on a supercar chassis and is probably the only one in East Africa. To get the same car, one would need about Ksh10 million. 

    A pearl white ML 63 AMG Mercedes Benz is the fastest vehicle Darshan owns. Owning the twin turbo 4x4 was a dream he had since he was a young boy. 

    He got it as a surprise on his 30th birthday from his family which set them back Ksh18 million. 

    His other Porsche Cayenne was bought from a local dealership for about Ksh14 million.

    The car has hand-stitched leather seats and top of the range sound system. 

    His Grey Land Rover Discovery DV6 has upgrades that he made himself. Given the condition of Kenyans roads, this is his favourite car while going about his business. 

    Arguably one of his least expensive vehicles, he purchased the 2011 model at about Ksh5 million. 

    Darshan's Lexus RX450 was modified in Japan to his liking before it was shipped. The body kit on this car alone cost about Ksh2 million and the total cost of the vehicle was Ksh10 million. 

    Watch the video of Darshan Chandaria showing off his cars