Why Jeff Koinange Cancelled Sonko's Explosive Interview Midway [VIDEO]

  • Citizen TV's Jeff Koinange, on Wednesday night, was forced to cut his interview with Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko just a few minutes after it started. 

    Following the recent public spat the governor had with Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris, it had to feature in the discussion. 

    Governor Sonko started defending himself against Passaris' accusations, that there was a communication breakdown between them, by revealing their texts and audio conversations. 

    Sonko made damning allegations against Passaris, who could not respond on the show since she had travelled to Canada.

    At one point during the interview, Jeff warned that the show's director would cut the interview if he continued exposing his conversations with the woman rep. 

    Jeff tried to change the direction of the discussion and raised Sonko's development record as a talking point but the irritated governor was adamant, insisting to exhaust the feud with Passaris since according to the governor, she was making him look bad.

    The angry county boss bashed the host for trying to divert the conversation and denying him the chance to defend himself. 

    After a very heated exchange between Jeff and Sonko, the show had to cut to a commercial break that extended to 10 minutes. 

    After the break, Jeff revealed that due to editorial policies and quality controls, the interview had to be cut short. 

    "Due to Standards in quality control here at Royal Media Services, governor it looks like we cannot continue this interview," Jeff announced.

    Jeff was left confused shaking his head in disbelief as Sonko left. They agreed to arrange to have both Passaris and Sonko battle it out on the show. 

    Watch the heated interview between Jeff and Sonko and its cancellation