Lover of Slain Catholic Priest Speaks Out on His Murder

A 25-year-old woman who worked in a guest house in Nkubu town has revealed that they have been in a relationship with a Catholic priest, who was murdered on Tuesday, for the past six years.

The priest, Eutychus Murangiri, was murdered in cold blood after he was stabbed at 1.45 am on Tuesday.

The woman told the detectives probing the cleric's death that she had been drinking with the murdered priest on the night that he was slain.

She further claimed that she knew Murangiri back in 2013 when she was still a college student at Embu College.

The lady added that they met every Monday in Meru town as this was the priest's day off work.

The 5-month pregnant woman also spoke of her relationship to a school teacher in Kajiado who fathered the child she was currently carrying.

On the fateful night, the priest and his friend, whom he bought drinks for, reportedly left the club past midnight to go purchase some miraa and was stabbed on his way back to the parking lot where he intended to move his car closer to the guest house.

At this time, the woman claims she had already retired to their booked room an hour earlier.

A watchman posted at the restaurant reportedly saw the priest who came back bleeding and collapsed at the entrance.

The cleric was 32 years serving as Diocesan priest for a year after his ordination as a deacon at St. Pius Seminary in Nkubu in June 2018.

Six months later, he was ordained as a priest and posted to Limbine Parish in Tigania West.

Meru Catholic Diocese spokesman Oreste Murimi stated that Murangiri would be buried on Monday at Mujwa Catholic Cemetery.

Murangiri had been attacked in Chuka a year earlier where his personal assets and his motorbike were stolen but he was not harmed during the incidence.

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