Pope's New Representative Sends Message to Uhuru

  • The Catholic church on Wednesday assured President Uhuru Kenyatta that it fully supports his ongoing crackdown against graft in the country.

    The message was delivered during an event at State House, Nairobi, where Archbishop Hubertus Van Megen, the incoming representative of the Pope to Kenya, visited to present his credentials.

    According to the man of the cloth, the Catholic church would stand with Kenya in efforts to end corruption and economic related crimes as well as the commitment to genuine dialogues between faiths.

    “It is only through dialogue, fair distribution of wealth, and a just and transparent society based on the respect of the dignity of every man and woman, that lasting peace can be achieved,” the incoming Apostolic Nuncio stated when he visited State House.

    The cleric was among eight envoys who presented their credentials to President Kenyatta on Wednesday at a ceremony held at the official presidential residence in Nairobi.

    Among the Ambassadors who came to present their credentials were; Ambassadors Alex Chua (the Republic of the Philippines), Jesús Agustín Manzanilla Puppo (Venezuela), Fionnuala Quinlan (Ireland), Ali Halabi (Lebanon) Zurab Dvalishvili of Georgia, Dr. Alejandro Garofali Acosta of Uruguay and High Commissioner Angella Comfort of Jamaica.

    Uhuru warmly welcomed the new envoys assuring that he looked forward to working closely with them to boost relations between Kenya and their respective countries.

    “Welcome to Kenya and feel at home. I look forward to working with you to strengthen the cooperation and bilateral relations for the benefit of the people of our countries,” the president separately told the diplomats.

    In other news, the Anglican Church of Kenya, on Tuesday through its Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit, banned donations made to the church by politicians maintaining they will only accept offerings.

    Speaking in Kiambu County, Ole Sapit directed that all churches should not allow politicians to use the pulpit to settle scores.

    He condemned the manner in which politicians have held the church hostage by the use of their huge donations clarifying that giving should be a sacred act between the individual and God and never a public affair.