Sakaja's Decision to Refund Ksh250K Allowance Divides Kenyans

  • Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja speaking during a previous event Facebook
  • Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja on Wednesday appeared on Citizen TV's JKLive where he affirmed his readiness to refund the Ksh250,000 house allowance he received as an MP.

    Explaining why he was not part and parcel of the increment of the allowance, the legislator stated that he was ready to abide by the court's ruling challenging the MPs' perks.

    "This matter is in court, we will abide by the ruling. I am ready to abide by what the courts say, If they say refund, that's what I'll do. If the house allowance should be Ksh 3,000, then that's what I'll take," he stated.

    Noting that public office was not an avenue for leaders to enrich themselves, the senator stated that the MPs should make decisions based on the state of Kenyans' welfare.

    Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jr (Left) and Senator Sakaja during their appearance on JKL Show on 12/6/2019.

    "The dilemma normally comes when the MPs wonder whether they side with their colleagues or say something populist.

    "I don't participate in such discussions, we don't set our own salaries. SRC is the body mandated to set salaries, If SRC says we take home Ksh 10,000 salary, that's what I'll take," he stated.

    About the current allocation, Sakaja stated that there was no avenue to decline it adding, "Even if I send it back, there is no system in place to make good on the pact. It will just get lost somewhere."

    His sentiments attracted both praise and criticism from a section of Kenyans online.

    "These politicians should stop joking. If they were serious they would openly oppose the increments. This is the only area they are all united to milk Kenyans. Which house costs Ksh250K in Nairobi seriously?" one user stated.

    "Your response on the salary increment issue is at best hogwash. If you are not in support of it simply say so this fence sitting nonsense doesn't cut it for anyone," another noted.

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