City Tout Uses Selfie to Humiliate Police Officer in Court

  • City conductors while at work in Nairobi Twitter
  • A police officer was on Wednesday humiliated at Kibera Law Courts when the suspect he had arrested presented selfie evidence showing otherwise.

    According to a report by The Star, the officer, Corporal Richard Otieno, had arrested the tout, John Kinuthia, for not wearing his uniform while at work as stipulated by the laws of Kenya.

    Kinuthia stayed calm as the corporal testified against him and tried to make his case.

    After Otieno was done, the tout reportedly calmly reached into his bag and produced a photo he had taken of himself on the fateful day and denied the charges labelled against him.

    He further told the court that the officer had used his powers illegally because he arrested him following their own differences before making up the uniforms charge.

    Kibera Law Courts where the case was heard.

    He narrated that the officer harassed him before he excused him to talk to the vehicle's driver. He used the driver's phone to take the selfie.

    The image showed the tout in full uniform which prompted the magistrate to ask the officer to present his own evidence. Otieno did not have any. 

    Kinuthia further claimed that he had recorded the conversations between them during the arrest.

    The tout was arrested on March 19 this year along Waiyaki way in Nairobi.

    A section of Waiyaki Way in Nairobi.