Inside Governor's Plan to Get Rid of Street Children in 2 Weeks

  • Most counties have in the past put in measures to develop their counties with very few having street children and street families in their grand development plan.

    Unlike most, Nakuru County Governor Lee Kinyanjui has decided to deal with the menace of street urchins by choosing a more human path for them.

    Reports by Nation highlighted that the governor on Thursday ordered the registration of all street children and families with the social services.

    According to his stern directives, the Governor has only granted the families two weeks to ensure they have been registered.

    The Governor's decision was informed by his tour of the Menengai social hall, street children dropping center where he on speaking to the children, realized they required some help to lead normal lives.

    “We want lasting solutions. After two weeks, we will not allow any of them in the streets,” Governor Kinyanjui noted.

    The stern directive comes months after Nakuru County law enforcers allegedly rounded up more than 42 street children and dumped them at Torongo area in Baringo.

    He further highlighted that the orphaned children will be provided with houses, while the rest will be shipped back to their homes.

    Consequently, Kinyanjui urged residents not to offer the street children any money or food as such acts of charity would encourage them to remain on the streets.

    “By giving them money and food, we are giving them incentives to remain in the streets,” clarified the governor.