Baby Discovered Alive in Mortuary

  • A baby holding a grown up's hand File
  • Workers at the Webuye County Hospital were treated to a rude shock after they discovered a premature baby who had been dumped in the hospital's morgue.

    Although it was not immediately clear how the little boy ended up there, some suspect that he was abandoned by his mother.

    The baby was in critical condition when he was discovered. Medics revealed that he had difficulties breathing and had picked up an infection. 

    A doctor holds the baby who was found in the hospital's morgue

    He was, however, quickly attended to and nursed back to health.

    Speaking to Citizen TV, Dr. Anthony Akote revealed that they found the baby on a stretcher. 

    "The baby was discovered on a stretcher after a body had been removed. We had a body at casualties, so when the body was taken to the morgue we found the baby. 

    "Somebody found an opportunity to take this baby and put it in the very linen where the body was removed," he explained.

    Doctors have been taking turns between their shifts to take care of the baby.

    The medics settled on the name Moses for the baby perhaps referencing the Biblical Moses who was placed in a basket and dumped along the River Nile.

    Watch the video below courtesy of Citizen TV.