CBK Launches New Currency App

  • Central Bank of Kenya building in Nairobi File
  • The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), on Wednesday, launched a new smartphone application that helps users familiarise themselves with the new currency features.

    The application, that is available on the google play store, can be downloaded and used on Android phones.

    The bank took to its social media platforms to share the good news with netizens.

    Direction on how to use the CBK application

    “There is now an easy way for you to familiarise yourself with the features of the new generation banknotes. Download the CBK app from Google Play store," a statement from CBK read.

    This comes after hushed conversations doing rounds regarding the circulation of the fake currencies barely two weeks after the CBK unveiled the notes.

    The new notes that were launched on Madaraka Day are said to contain a key security feature that would enable citizens to differentiate them from any other fake currency.

    All the new banknotes bear the image of Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC), one of the most recognizable landmarks in Kenya.

    Each of the new-generation notes has a unique theme. The Ksh50, Ksh100, Ksh200, Ksh500, Ksh1,000 notes are inspired by green energy, agriculture, social services, tourism and governance respectively.

    In addition to that, the new banknotes have distinct features to facilitate the detection of counterfeits.

    That being said, here is a summary of the key security features that you should look out for:

    1. Feel

    If you run your fingers over the new notes, you should feel the part written Kenya and the value of the note i.e. Ksh1,000, Ksh500, Ksh200, Ksh100 and Ksh50.

    The notes also have edges on the bars. 1 bar, 2 bars, 3 bars, 4 bars and 5 bars signify Ksh50, Ksh100, Ksh200, Ksh500, Ksh1,000 respectively.

    2. Look

    If you hold up the note against the light, you'll see a lions head, the text CBK, and the value of the banknote. You'll also see a security thread that appears as a continuous line.

    3. Tilt

    If you tilt the banknote at an angle, the security thread changes colour from red to green on all banknotes. The Ksh200, Ksh500 and Ksh1000 banknotes have additional rainbow colours on the thread.

    However, netizens who use iPhones complained about the lack of an IOS version of the same, claiming the bank was discriminating against iPhone users.

    A pamphlet showing the security features of the new currency