2 Things Ruto Promised Uhuru After Angry Outburst

  • During President Uhuru Kenyatta's visit to Uasin Gishu county on Friday, where he was presiding over the re-launch of Rivatex, a textile factory that collapsed after two decades of neglect, deputy President William Ruto made two promises to him.

    While delivering his speech, the Deputy President highlighted that jubilee members only had two duties that they needed to fulfill.

    He stated that the first obligation as a Jubilee member was to unite the nation and members of different ethnic groups in the country. He promised the president that he would firmly support him in uniting Kenyans.

    The Deputy President also assured the Head of State that he would focus on development and the Big 4 Agenda and that the season for politicking had come to an end.

    "We are supporting you 100% and we are not turning back," he stated.

    Ruto also cited that he would ensure the Big 4 Agenda unites Kenyans and prompts development in the country.

    "I will make sure that as your deputy, other leaders will not go astray. As you have seen, today they have behaved well," he commented leaving the crowd in stitches.

    On Sunday, a seemingly angry Uhuru warned certain political leaders, whom he stated were moving around the country instead of developing their counties.

    "They keep going around the country but they should know they didn't give me any votes, I am the one who campaigned for them, these idiots should stop bothering me with," he had stated.