Govt Exposes 7 Petrol Stations Selling Fake Fuel

The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Tuesday released a list of seven stations which dealt in sub-standard fuel.

Out of 862 petrol stations that were under problem, the highlighted seven were found to be dealing in fuel that fell well below the industry standards.

The stations were identified as Waumini fuel station in Trans Nzoia, Magharibi station in Bungoma, Rubern Igunza (Busia), Kodiaga (Kisumu), Desnol Kisian (Kisumu) and Panam and Corldori filling station both in Homa Bay.

EPRA director, Pavel Oimeke, announced that the regulatory authority had set up measures of monitoring the quality of petroleum motor fuel on sale.

Oimeke on Tuesday went on to announce a new reward scheme meant for individuals who reported cases of petroleum adulteration.

He maintained that the plan was meant to act as an incentive to prompt people from across the country to report any illegal petroleum vendors or those that dealt with low quality and highly adulterated petrol.

EPRA had earlier on conducted a sting operation in Nairobi's industrial area, where 16 people were nabbed while operating illegal petroleum sites.

The operation led to the closure of more than five sites as well as the recovery of an estimated 1,000 litres of assorted petroleum products.

Oimeke in collaboration with detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and the National Police Service (NPS), had been monitoring operations at the suspicious site for weeks.

An adulterated fuel is one in which an inferior quality petroleum product has been added thereby contaminating and weakening it. 

The adulteration mainly involves adding kerosene or diesel to petrol, with kerosene being the main adulterant. 

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