Watch Tout's Dangerous Stunt That Has Kenyans Talking [VIDEO]

  • Matatu touts pulling risky stunts Facebook
  • A video of a tout pulling a dangerous stunt from the door of a speeding matatu has elicited mixed reactions from netizens.

    In the 10-second clip, the tout is seen running across the window of another matatu, seemingly belonging to Embassava Sacco, which was moving in the same direction.

    His sheer recklessness left many social media users wondering whether he did not value his life since he was clearly putting himself at risk.

    A screengrab of the Twitter reactions

    Others called on the authorities to take action on the rogue tout and claimed he was also endangering the lives of others by engaging in such stunts.

    Job Aoko posted, "Can @DCI_Kenya please take action on this one. He is putting the lives of the other passengers at risk."

    Alex Andanje wrote, "This is risky business. But reminds me of the spiderman challenge."

    Daisy Atieno commented, "He should be arrested after giving back people's change. Imagine if something happens to him then people around you start asking the government for help yet he brought it on himself."

    Ouma Ogutu posted, "This is sheer stupidity and narrow-mindedness, to say the least. These folks think by pulling such stunts, they are either 'modern' or informed. Nonsense."

    Njoroge Kamau wrote, "I hope he does not get away with this. This is stupidity of the highest level."

    Here is the video: