Camera Captures Bus Overturn Along Thika Superhighway [VIDEO]

  • A photo showing the bus shortly after the accident occured. Twitter
  • CCTV camera's at a petrol station along Thika Superhighway caught a bus overturn at the popular Survey area along the highway.

    The incident reportedly took place on Sunday, June 23 at around 4pm, based on the date displayed on the video that has since been shared on social media platforms.

    According to witnesses, the bus often plies the Githurai-Nairobi CBD route.

    In the video, the speeding bus is seen losing control just before getting to the Survey underpass, hitting the rails of the road and falling on its side. The highway was less busy at the time the accident occurred.

    Netizens commended the staff members of the petrol station who rushed to the scene and immediately started rescuing the passengers who had been trapped inside the bus.

    An image showing a section of Thika Superhighway.

    "I think he unsuccessfully tried to regain control of the vehicle so he lost control. He could have slowed down. I can see the driver running away," voices from the video could be heard debating.

    It is still not clear whether there were any casualties or fatalities at the scene of the accident.

    On June 12, a speeding car was caught on camera veering off Mombasa road after unsuccessfully trying to swerve.

    In the video, the personal car of BMW make was travelling on a section of the dual carriageway when it suddenly rolled over and into a ditch.

    The accident reportedly took place at Ole Sereni area along the busy highway.