Moses Kuria's 7 Radical Solutions For Somalia

  • Gatundu South Member of Parliament (MP), Moses Kuria, on Wednesday, came out and strongly castigated Kenya's dragged out hostile relations with Somalia.

    In a Facebook post, he then gave a detailed list of seven strategies he felt that the government ought to employ to finally put an end to the dragged out conflict.

    Kenya to flex its muscles and abandon"weak and stateless" Somalia; Kuria urged the state to exercise its power, noting that hundreds of thousands of Somali's were currently being hosted within the Kenyan borders.

    "All the ruling elites in the ‘weak and near stateless’ Somalia have luxury homes in Kenya and businesses in Eastleigh. Yet, weak and near stateless Somalia has the temerity and audacity to grab 40% of Kenya’s territorial space," Kuria lamented.

    Move Dadaab refugee camp to Kismaayo; The Gatundu MP's second course of action would involve relocating the country's largest refugee camp to Somalia as a way to sever all ties with the war-torn neighbour.

    Total ban imposition on Somalia's president; Restricting the president of the Republic of Somalia, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo from ever setting foot in Kenya formed Kuria's third level offensive to quell the Kenya-Somalia conflict.

    Withdrawal of all Kenyan troops currently posted in Somalia; under this, Kuria maintained that the country should not risk any other Kenyan life for the sake of a nation that was clearly not appreciative of the sacrifice.

    "We continue to lose the lives of our soldiers and civilians as well as billions of dollars trying to prop a ‘weak and almost stateless’ Somalia.

    "Move the KDF to our side of the wall and leave Farmaajo to partition his country between him and Al Shabaab," he posted.

    Disregard any ruling made by the International Court of Justice (ICJ); the vocal MP explained that this was because the world court could not be trusted since both its president and Farmaajo enjoyed Norway-Somali dual citizenship privileges, thereby putting the credibility of the court into question.

    "The Presidents of Somalia and the ICJ are both dual Somalia and Norwegian nationals. Most of the oil blocks in out grabbed waters have been hawked to Norwegian companies," he alleged.

    Complete the construction of a highly manned wall between the two countries; his next suggestion involved building a 'Trump'-like wall to keep out all Somali's from accessing Kenya except via the gazetted and official border crossings.

    Zero-compromise stance on the maritime border; lastly Kuria maintained that the state should not concede a single inch of the territory regarding the hotly contested region of the coast.