5 Features of New Police Crime Solving App

The National Police Service on Wednesday launched a new mobile application that will enable them to solve the rising crime rates in the city.

The App, MyGuard 911, was launched by Deputy Inspector General Edward Mbugua to enable police to get real-time reports especially since the officers face challenges in responding to crime, because of the delays in reporting.

Reports by Nation indicated the App was created in association with an American based security firm, Maximum Brown and Tetea Kenya with the guidance of Edward Kinyungu.

According to the DIG, the Apps features that are user-friendly were tailored to responding to crime.

The app is online based and can thus be accessed easily by citizens who would like to report a crime. This is because most Kenyans have access to the internet and can download the app from google play store.

It sends alerts in less than 4 seconds. The app, therefore, enhances response time crime scenes or fire by sending instant reports.

It is also able to show the nearest officer or station to the situation to respond to the raised alarm.

“This app will reduce the delays and also allow members to share any information they have with the police,” Mbugua told journalists at Vigilance House.

“It will show us which station or officer is nearest to respond to the alarm,” he added.

It also gives advance notice to the responding police of what he/she is going to deal with by showing the situation on the ground.

The app is also able to monitor what is happening in a certain area. This will be enhanced by the use of google maps that will be able to show the danger within a given radius.

The app's additional features as indicated in google play store include fire detection, carbon monoxide detection, gunshot detection, sex offenders detection, assisting friends and Custom alarms.

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