Inside Ababu Namwamba's Palatial Home [VIDEO]

  • Foreign Affairs CAS Ababu Namwamba lives a life many would only dream of but that is not the perspective he likes to take on his lifestyle. 

    According to him, his palatial lakeside home and the number of cars parked outside are not how he measures wealth.

    His expansive house was built with a classical French theme in mind and boasts features like a family board room, master bedroom suite with a walk-in closet. 

    When he wants to unwind he goes for a ride at the nearby Lake Victoria in one of his speed boats. 

    When it comes to cars, Ababu has a state of the art Range Rover, a Land Cruiser and a Jaguar which is his favourite. 

    In the expansive compound, which extends to the shores of Lake Victoria, he rares fish, geese and also has an orchard. 

    "I consider myself sustained. If you measure wealth in terms of material terms of a home like this...or in the form of a car like the Range Rover parked down here or whether you have a residence...if you measure wealth by those material factors or yardsticks then yeah, you'd say I have sufficient to live on and to give my family and myself a comfortable living. If that is being wealthy then I thank God, that is a blessing," Ababu told a journalist from Viu Sasa during a tour of the home.

    As a state officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you can say his house comes in handy when he needs to host dignitaries. 

    Many knew him after the disputed General Election of 2007 when he swore allegiance to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in Parliament while taking oath as MP for Budalangi.

    Aside from politics, Ababu is a lawyer who specialised in international human rights law and a former columnist with leading newspapers in Kenya. 

    He was the Chief Counsel at the Chambers of Justice which is a public interest trust organisation.