51,000 Sign Petition to Ban Disney Movies in Kenya

Your kid's favourite cartoon shows could soon be classified as contraband following a fresh petition that was sent to the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB).

A statement released by the board highlighted a motion filed via the CitizenGo Africa platform containing 51,000 signatures of individuals seeking to ban any content by Disney from showing in Kenya.

"Our attention has been drawn to allegations by the public through various platforms of media including social media, that Disney intends to screen gay-themed cartoons in the country," an excerpt of KFCB's press statement divulged.

The petition reportedly went on to point out two highly anticipated movies as well as a recent gay pride parade held at the Disney theme park in Florida as reference points to prove their allegations.

Frozen 2 and Beauty & the Beast were the two upcoming movies singled out as allegedly laced with gay connotations and sexual undertones not suitable for children.

However, KFCB boss, Ezekiel Mutua was quick to point out that they had combed through the trailers of the contentious movies and couldn't identify areas that would warrant a total ban.

Mutua went on to give a brief narration of the famous Princess Elsa from the critically acclaimed Frozen movie, maintaining that the board would only make a decision on the movie once it was released on November 22, 2019.

"In respect to the films in contention, namely Frozen 2 and Beauty and the Beast. The board has examined the films and found nothing offensive," a section of the press release reiterated.

In regards to the gay pride parade held at Disney's theme park in the USA, Mutua was quick to point out that the alleged parade took place in an area outside the board's jurisdiction.

He did, however, assure Kenyans that the board was well aware that the age of technology meant that kids could easily access such parades on multiple gadgets, thereby prompting the authority to set up measures to ensure that such content would not be viewable in Kenya.

"Homosexuality remains illegal in Kenya and any films promoting content undermining our culture and the sacred institution of family will not be tolerated," KFCB asserted.

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