Sophia Wanuna in Stitches as Mbadi Schools Senator on Live TV

  • KTN News anchor, Sophia Wanuna, was left in stitches during a prime time broadcast, where she was hosting Murang'a Senator Irungu Kang'ata and Suba South MP, John Mbadi.

    During the interview, Mbadi schooled the Murang'a senator on some of the functions of the national government and those of the county government.

    "Even the Homabay airstrip in my county is under the national government, right now we have allocated Ksh128 million from the national government to that airstrip, we have not asked the county government to contribute because that is not their function," Mbadi told the senator.

    He further went ahead to read some of the "funny" functions allocated to the county, citing that it was the people of Kenya who allocated these roles to them.

    "You think we are demeaning you, but it is the people of Kenya who gave you these roles like animal control and welfare, licensing of dogs and facilities for the accommodation care and burial of animals," he highlighted.

    Unable to contain herself anymore, the KTN anchor broke out in laughter as Mbadi continued.

    "So please, when I read them out, please don't take offense, we want our environment to be clean, legislate on these matters. 

    "Please leave the matters that are national government functions to the National Assembly my friend," he urged the senator.

    The Suba South MP was seemingly commenting on the escalating dispute between the National Assembly and the Senate hence urged Kang'ata and fellow senators to focus on legislating issues regarding the counties only.

    Some of the other functions of the county government provided in Article 186 of the constitution are; control of air pollution, noise pollution, other public nuisances, and outdoor advertising, control of drugs and pornography,licensing and control of cemeteries, funeral parlours and crematoria, and refuse removal, refuse dumps and solid waste disposal.

    Below is a video;