Sonko's Priceless Request to Diamond Platnumz

  • Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, took to social media where he made quite a tough demand to renowned Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

    Diamond and his Kenyan girlfriend, Tanasha Donna, who are expecting a baby, unveiled the child's gender during a birthday party, on Sunday, presided by Eric Omondi.

    In a video posted after the event, Sonko commented stating that the newborn should be named after him in the event that he is born in Nairobi.

    "Huyo mtoi akizaliwa Nairobi inafaa aitwe 'sonko'..otherwise congrats to the young couple (If the child will be born in Nairobi, he should be named Sonko, otherwise congrats to the young couple)," requested Sonko.

    Sonko further concurred with President Uhuru Kenyatta's statements while in Tanzania, during a private visit, that one should not stop a Kenyan from getting a baby with a Tanzanian.

    The president had applied a relationship example in which he encouraged people from the two countries to intermarry in order to confuse the children about which country they belong to thus foster unity.

    "You cannot prevent a Kenyan, if he has seen a beautiful partner (in Tanzania), from coming and pursuing her," joked Uhuru.

    In a past event, the first beneficiary of the Rubben Centre Maternity, known as Shakira, expressed her joy after delivering a healthy baby who, according to her description, was just as handsome as the governor.

    "I was the first beneficiary of Rubben Centre Maternity where I delivered my son who is as handsome as the governor on May 23, 2018," she divulged at the time.

    Members of the public applauded to the striking comparison of the two as some broke into laughter.